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Indonesia : Bali threatened by volcanic eruption

Beginning of September 2017, Bali island started to shake. The experts have detected an activity on the Agung Volcano.

Bali is one of the most visited island. This island is a paradise on earth for tourists : diving around the reef barrier, amazing white sand beaches, impressive sunset over the horizon… The inhabitants live mainly thanks to tourism.

A huge cloud of steam has been formed and rises to four kilometers in height. Indonesian vulcanologists are on alert. The only consequence for the moment, dozens of flights have been canceled. More than 2000 passengers are stranded on site, and the local population living around the volcano has been evacuated.

Aung volcano
Aung volcano

The consequences over tourism can be disastrous : No tourists, no economy. Luxury hotels and resorts are the main ressource of money Bali benefits from. If you plan a trip to Bali, it might not be the best time to go…. If you look for a paradisiac place to spend your vacations, The Seychelles, Hawaï or Tahiti are better islands for the moment !