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Long-distance bus trip: a cheap way to travel

With the development of the globalization, travelling has become almost common. But the main problem remains the price: hotel, food, activities, and especially, the transport. But at which price?

Long-distance transportation has increased. Today, week-ends gateway are very much appreciated by families, couple or groups of friends, in France or abroad.


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AirBnB taking over the hotel world

AirBnB is an online platform where people across the world can offer their homes for a certain time to holiday-goers that are looking for an affordable place to stay. Therefore, it is extremely practical and popular. However, the hotel industry is decreasing dramatically due to this new way of travel.

AirBnB appears to be more attractive to the customer’s eye because it offers a place to stay that feels like home. Indeed, instead of staying in a cold, depressing hotel room, you are able to live in a welcoming and cosy apartment, occasionally even a house. Some hotel rooms cost as much as renting a place to stay, that is much bigger.

Ever since it’s appearance, 115 million travellers have stayed in 3 million AirBnB residences in more than 191 countries.


Its popularity is mainly due to the young tourist group, (between 18 and 30 years of age). Many decide to travel around this age period and therefore, are often not able to afford a hotel. It is a great way to travel and they are able to share the location with their friends or other people who are in a similar economic situation. This phenomenon resembles a lot like the concept of a hostel.

Hotels tend to always be located in the centre of the city and are often full. AirBnB suggests homes wherever you want. This then enables you to live wherever is most convenient.

When renting a home with AirBnB, some amenities are included in the price: wifi, washing machine, etc.  On the other hand, when you’re a customer in a hotel, in order to be able to get luxuries like free breakfast, for example, you need to pay extra.

Check-ins and checkouts in hotels are always at extremely strict hours forcing you to meticulously follow the schedule. However, when staying with AirBnB, between the time you arrive and the time you leave, are open for negotiation with your guest. Depending on the individual, they are more than likely to agree with you, whatsoever.

Furthermore, staying in the same AirBnB as your host can help you meet new people as well as immerse yourself in the culture.

AirBnB was created in 2008 and its attractiveness has never ceased to grow. In 2015, hotels saw their occupancy drop drastically. Moreover, they have an additional reason to worry due to the fact that the alternative lodging business is now targeting business travellers: the basic hotel client.