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The consequences of the Irma Hurricane in the Carribeans

Saint-Barthelémy and Saint-Martin are two paradisiac French islands of the Caribbeans where millions of tourists decide to spend their holidays every year. There, most of the population depends on tourism (shops, restaurants, hotels…). Since the Irma Hurricane, the damages are drastic : 95% of the infrastructures in the Saint-Martin island have been destroyed.

Irma Hurricane in Saint-Bart

In addition to no longer having any possessions even their house, the inhabitants of Saint Barth have no more infrastructures nor tourist attractions in order to bring tourists back, and thus to rebound economically.
For Gilbert Cisneros, president of the tourism agency « Exotismes »,  specialized in tropical destinations, the scale of the disaster places the two islands in an unprecedented situation.
The Caribbeans always had an excellent reputation in terms of  a paradisiac destination. Thanks to the unique landscapes, these islands focus themselves on luxury. But these disasters to do with the climate will frighten tourists who will not think twice to change their holiday destination at a time when these islands would need them the most.