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The consequences of the Catalonian independence over tourism

tourism in Catalonia

Catalonia’s separate identity : why is it so taboo ?

For many years now, Catalonia’s desire to become independent has become a taboo subject. This Spanish region, which enjoys the status of autonomous community claimed it’s independence in 2014 after a public referendum. Over 80% of the two million voters wanted to leave the Spanish kingdom.

Nowadays this debate is at the heart of a major controversy…

Spain lives mainly on tourism: especially Barcelona. This city is the capital of Catalonia. It is home to many attractions: The Sagrada Familia, the Güell park, Barceloneta beach…. Full of interesting monuments and cultural rituals. Furthermore, prices are very attractive !

Since Catalonia has become an independent nation, the tourism industry will be greatly affected.

People are now afraid when it comes to travelling to Catalonia because they’re afraid of a civil war or any violent manifestations that could negatively impact their vacations. We take you back to the Andalusian Civil war at the beginning of the 20th century.

Also, getting the statute of an independent country/region signifies economic changes, which can make tourists become doubtful.

When a country or a region endures this kind of change, tourism can decrease a lot. In this case, hopefully it will increase quickly !