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Airbnb : what are the key points to its great success story ?

Airbnb's miracle recipe
Airbnb’s miracle recipe

Airbnb was founded in 2008 ans now has more than million rooms available in homes, apartments or even castles. It offers more housing possibilities than hotel giants like Hilton, Marriott, or any other hotel chain in the world ! Continuer la lecture de Airbnb : what are the key points to its great success story ?

Some tips travel on a budget in Europe

For the latecomers, it’s the middle of May, you finally have time to prepare your  3 weeks in Europe but most of the holidays apartment rental are booked and the flights prices reached the top. You spend hours to search for a profitable price location which combine a good situation near the beach and a sweet and affordable house/apartment.


  Here are the best tips to help to start you summer on a budget.

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Long-distance bus trip: a cheap way to travel

With the development of the globalization, travelling has become almost common. But the main problem remains the price: hotel, food, activities, and especially, the transport. But at which price?

Long-distance transportation has increased. Today, week-ends gateway are very much appreciated by families, couple or groups of friends, in France or abroad.


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The impact of e-commerce on travel agencies

Within a few years, tourism and travel have become the most widely represented sector on the internet. In fact, the domain owes it’s success to the integration of the Internet culture into our daily lives because it is in perfect harmony with the habits of today’s consumer society. But the success of the Internet is due to it’s users: that means us, also known as « generation X ». Travel agencies  popularity are gradually increasing and this trend is far from fading. Thanks to the Internet any information a traveler requires is available 24/7. Consumers are becoming  experts when searching the best within this domain, therefore, they become extremely demanding. All of this occurs without the individual even needing to leave their homes.


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How is your brand perceived on the Internet

The easiest way to find out is to type your brand name on a search engine such as Google (preferably in private browsing).

If a simple Google search is not enough, it’s a taste of what people think and see about your brand.

It’s important to understand that your company is not the only one to publish content related to your business, products or services. Indeed, whether on consumer opinion sites ( etc…), on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare,…), or blogs, users create a lot of content related to your brand. This content is also called UGC (User Generated Content).

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Indonesia : Bali threatened by volcanic eruption

Beginning of September 2017, Bali island started to shake. The experts have detected an activity on the Agung Volcano.

Bali is one of the most visited island. This island is a paradise on earth for tourists : diving around the reef barrier, amazing white sand beaches, impressive sunset over the horizon… The inhabitants live mainly thanks to tourism.

A huge cloud of steam has been formed and rises to four kilometers in height. Indonesian vulcanologists are on alert. The only consequence for the moment, dozens of flights have been canceled. More than 2000 passengers are stranded on site, and the local population living around the volcano has been evacuated.

Aung volcano
Aung volcano

The consequences over tourism can be disastrous : No tourists, no economy. Luxury hotels and resorts are the main ressource of money Bali benefits from. If you plan a trip to Bali, it might not be the best time to go…. If you look for a paradisiac place to spend your vacations, The Seychelles, Hawaï or Tahiti are better islands for the moment !


The consequences of the Irma Hurricane in the Carribeans

Saint-Barthelémy and Saint-Martin are two paradisiac French islands of the Caribbeans where millions of tourists decide to spend their holidays every year. There, most of the population depends on tourism (shops, restaurants, hotels…). Since the Irma Hurricane, the damages are drastic : 95% of the infrastructures in the Saint-Martin island have been destroyed.

Irma Hurricane in Saint-Bart

In addition to no longer having any possessions even their house, the inhabitants of Saint Barth have no more infrastructures nor tourist attractions in order to bring tourists back, and thus to rebound economically.
For Gilbert Cisneros, president of the tourism agency « Exotismes »,  specialized in tropical destinations, the scale of the disaster places the two islands in an unprecedented situation.
The Caribbeans always had an excellent reputation in terms of  a paradisiac destination. Thanks to the unique landscapes, these islands focus themselves on luxury. But these disasters to do with the climate will frighten tourists who will not think twice to change their holiday destination at a time when these islands would need them the most.

The consequences of the Catalonian independence over tourism

tourism in Catalonia

Catalonia’s separate identity : why is it so taboo ?

For many years now, Catalonia’s desire to become independent has become a taboo subject. This Spanish region, which enjoys the status of autonomous community claimed it’s independence in 2014 after a public referendum. Over 80% of the two million voters wanted to leave the Spanish kingdom.

Nowadays this debate is at the heart of a major controversy…

Spain lives mainly on tourism: especially Barcelona. This city is the capital of Catalonia. It is home to many attractions: The Sagrada Familia, the Güell park, Barceloneta beach…. Full of interesting monuments and cultural rituals. Furthermore, prices are very attractive !

Since Catalonia has become an independent nation, the tourism industry will be greatly affected.

People are now afraid when it comes to travelling to Catalonia because they’re afraid of a civil war or any violent manifestations that could negatively impact their vacations. We take you back to the Andalusian Civil war at the beginning of the 20th century.

Also, getting the statute of an independent country/region signifies economic changes, which can make tourists become doubtful.

When a country or a region endures this kind of change, tourism can decrease a lot. In this case, hopefully it will increase quickly !


Travel agencies

Travel agencies are constantly evolving in order to adapt themselves to a market undergoing many changes. More so, the  competition in this domain is constantly increasing.

One of travel agencies best-known techniques is the proposal of specific packages to their guests: Half price, Full price, only breakfast included …. However they suggest their menu, the agency may choose to market it’s product on a real or virtual place of sale. This technique has many positive points since the agency no longer has to manage the service, nor the confirmation of sale.

But agencies have many other techniques in order to achieve purchase. For example: the promotion of certain destinations or even de-stocking. This contributes to the communication of the agency and allows a real incentive for the customers to buy. In addition, like many other areas, the Internet is used to send offers or catalogues with great cost reduction. The agency’s products will be marketed on their website. Recently, it has been proved that the website is one of the most effective means of communication. But despite this, the agencies must not neglect their windows, which are equally as important.

We find that all agencies offer their products in the same manner, have very similar offers, so they need to differentiate themselves from each other. This differentiation can be done by original offers, high-end customers, customised websites … But also by the greeting and the service reserved to customers as soon as they walk through the door. An important point for an agency is the development of  it’s contacts with hotels, restaurants, centres of well-being and airlines that participate in the realization of the packages and make it possible to offer an attractive offer to customers.

It is important today for an agency to stand out because customers are looking for more and more bargains and with the rise of competition they become less and less faithful. Travel agencies must not forget to hold on to their customers in any way possible. This is an essential point now.