Airbnb : what are the key points to its great success story ?

Airbnb's miracle recipe
Airbnb’s miracle recipe

Airbnb was founded in 2008 ans now has more than million rooms available in homes, apartments or even castles. It offers more housing possibilities than hotel giants like Hilton, Marriott, or any other hotel chain in the world !
To achieve such huge success, we have to look at the growth of « sharing economy ». Besides,  the company launches a unique value “belonging” to users : whenever you are using this hosting app, you are not renting a room but renting a home. You can feel at ease and at home anywhere. That’s the principle.

Although most of the large chain hotels have for goal to express this  home-feeling concept to customers, the app is the first one expressing this value in the so-called sharing economy through the internet. Due to its distinctive characters – sharing economic and internet, the company expands to 34,000 cities in nearly 200 countries and personalizes every user’s travel experience.

Reaching for a business-friendly position

When the company wins its first position in home-rental field, it now begins to expand into business travel. The company adds a new section “Business Travel on Airbnb” to the website and partnerships with other technology companies and business travel companies. From my point of view, this is part of the multibrand strategy of the company. In the past, the app only focused on the vacation and short time renting ; its customers are asking for new type of offerings. It is cheaper and easier to introduce “Business Travel on Airbnb” rather than create a brand-new brand. Because “Business Travel on Airbnb” enjoys the reputation and shares the resources of original Airbnb. In the future, the app will maybe continue introducing new kinds of offers such like Airbnb-Villa  to expand its business.

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