Some tips travel on a budget in Europe

For the latecomers, it’s the middle of May, you finally have time to prepare your  3 weeks in Europe but most of the holidays apartment rental are booked and the flights prices reached the top. You spend hours to search for a profitable price location which combine a good situation near the beach and a sweet and affordable house/apartment.


  Here are the best tips to help to start you summer on a budget.

  1. Touristic capitals are not always the best option.

Most of the time, we tend to choose touristic capitals, try other big cities that are not always privileged by tourism. You’ll be surprised to find attractive places that will change from your habits. You want to go in Spain? Swap Madrid or Barcelona with Malaga or Murcia, prices are lower and you’ll find real authenticity.

  1. The further from the big cities, the cheapest it’ll be.

If you want to rent a huge mansion to stay in, I recommend you to focus on a location far from the tourism. As an example in Hungary, there is a huge 600 km lake named Balaton. Numerous villas are situated along the lake for a price that is much lower if you’d rent in big cities. You can save much more money by ranting a house in Europe if you search were other won’t.

  1. Rent an apartment shared with the host.

You’ll have a wonderful experience if you discover local sites and restaurant that the host suggests you. He’ll share his own point of view of his country that you won’t always discover by your own, I recommend you to go through Airbnb for the hosting experience.

Villa in Normandy (Europe)
Villa in Normandy (France)
Now you have all the best tips for saving for your next vacation!



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