The best way to couch surf

Couchsurfing : everything you need

Couchsurfing is a growing trend among travelers. It is an opportunity to visit a country for free and meet all kinds of different people all around the world.
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The genius idea to be housed for free

The concept behind the couchsurfing trend is easy. You have to log onto the app to book a couch at someone for free. It allows travelers to enjoy a city without spending money on housing.
By staying at a local, you will discover things in a more authentic way. Moreover, on top of visiting the main tourist attractions, you will have the opportunity to discover unusual places under the guidance of your host.  Therefore, you have bigger chances to experience the real everyday life of a local. To go to their local shops and follow their daily steps.

The goal is to live like a local, hence not hesitating to ask your host for the best ideas of places to visit. Most of all, you can ask for good restaurant adresses so you can have the best culinary trip !

You must however not take your host for granted ! You’re not at the hotel. Your host offer the sofa for free at home, but in exchange you have to participate in everyday life, like a real local.

The service is based on the exchange of culture between the host and the traveler. Even if it’s free, it’s often a good idea to bring back a specialty from your country to discover it, organize a meal or a restaurant for your host. It’s also  an opportunity to discuss and discover different cultures.

Some figures:

Volunteer hosts in 235 countries
75% of couch surfers are between 18 and 29 years old
More than 4 million « couch surfers » in the world

To summarize :

If you are a student and do not want to travel for much and do great cultural meetings, you must register on:

So couchsurfing makes you want for your next trip?


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