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How to attract young travelers?

More and more connected travelers, especially young travelers under the age of 35, do not hesitate to consult the Internet on their smartphone to prepare a trip and then share their experience from their mobile.


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First, it is important to understand what 15-34 year olds do on their mobile. Snapchat is a worldwide social media platform used by many young people today. It has one hundred million users worldwide. This specific media was the most downloaded free application in 2014 in the United States after Facebook Messenger, (as the most used social network).

What kind of attitudes are adopted on mobile phones to better target and appeal to young customers?

Here are four tips we can give you:

  • Adapt your communication to your smartphone: so play on the virality of communication through photos, videos, sharing …
  • Last minute offers, (very popular), must also be available on mobile.
  • Adapt your website to a more mobile use, via a mobile site or an application. This responsive design allows the user to « automatically » upload your website to a different media.


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