Eurostar SNAP

Over a year ago, Eurostar launched a new « SNAP » offer.

The principle:

The aim? When connecting to the online service, the traveller can chose their destination and travel date, all while indicating whether they prefer a leaving in the morning or in the afternoon. Two days before departure, Eurostar sends the customer their allotted time schedule. Unlike a customer that pays the full price and can chose what time their train will be, Individuals using Eurostar Snap cannot chose a specific hour. Fortunately for them, prices are therefore considerably reduced.

To advertise this new service, social networks were the brand’s top priority. Their main target are young students frequently travelling to and from London and Paris. The campaign was mainly launched on Facebook and Instagram. To put forward their promotion,  they collaborated with the famous live streaming platform, Youtube.

Very little communication has been made around this up and coming concept. If you go on Eurostar’s website, you will not find this offer anywhere, unless you have already been informed about it. It never appears on the website.

So, despite the fact that the offer is very interesting and approachable, the company does very little advertising. It could attract many people and a new clientele who would not have the means to afford a classic ticket but it seems to be reserved exclusively for the frequent travellers. Perhaps this is due to their offer that appears only on their Facebook account, or maybe just by word-of-mouth.

Did EUROSTAR purposely remain discreet with this offer or was it always only reserved for certain users and at certain times of the year?

We will never know, but we believe that it is not very good communication.

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