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Do you know the environment of the tourism market ?

Online reservations, mobile marketing, buying clothes, tourist goals and expectations… Discover some key figures and major trends of e-tourism in 2016 and early 2017. Here is the conclusion of the latest studies and surveys carried out among French and international travellers worldwide.

      Key figures for e-tourism in 2016-2017 : 

  • 77% of the French population have prepared their trips or short stays online in 2016 ( greater than in 2015), according to the Raffour Interactive study.
  • 49% booked all or part of their holiday online (+ 4 points), paying in full online.
  • The mobile search rate will rise to 39% in 2017 against 32% in 2016.
  • Overall e-tourism revenue grew by 5% (excluding collaborative tourism), according to the study conducted by Phocuswright. It is expected to reach more than 20 billion euros in 2017.
  • came up with 40% of sales. Half of them were made by Online Travel Agencies.
    During the individual’s trip, the online penetration rate reached 43%, according to the Phocuswright firm. Online and physical agencies  are basically equal.

The volume of on-line reservations is expected to maintain its strong growth of around 5-6% per year, reaching 20 billion euros in 2017 and reaching near parity with the in-store of physical agencies. Online agencies will share about 45% of the market, compared to 43% in 2015.

   Trends to do with travelling in the world  

What do travellers look for in 2016 around the world? How do they decide on what they want? What essential themes and criteria are taken into account when making their decision? Will their budget be increased in 2017 compared to 2016?

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