When a travel agency makes fun of a virtual reality

Surfing the waves in Bali, toasting at the Oktoberfest in Munich, learning yoga in Phuket … in the campaign by TBWA Raad, everything is possible without even moving from your living room. All this thanks to a virtual reality mask. And judging by the enthusiasm of the users, the simulation seems convincing.

Virtual reality: a technology that now, few people have tried, and yet is the only thing people seem to be talking about nowadays. However, the travel company Dnata Travel, supported by the TBWA \ RAAD agency, does not share the same enthusiasm. Their campaign mixes videos and print and demonstrates the ridiculousness of the trend: that recalls with humour and self-derision to the audience that a virtual trip will never replace real life.

Brands are decreasing because they are unable to adapt themselves due to a virtual reality. With examples sometimes successful, such as that of Audi: with their campaign offering to their customers the chance to create their own circuit. Dnata Travel is a highlight to it’s service. The journey here is shown as a visual experience, but also sensorial, experimental and social. The simplicity in the aim of the campaign makes the message even more explicit: « The real journey, is better. « 

What’s better for a travel agency than to convey a humorous image by insisting on the happiness of traveling and feeling all the sensations for real while surfing on the current technological trends that make the buzz?


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  1. Haha, I prefer to go on a real holiday than using VR to be at the beach for instance. Nevertheless, it can be a good way to experience something if we can’t travel 🙂

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