The launch of Lidl Travel on Trade

The French distributor Lidl is expanding it’s activities to the tourism sector, launching a platform that enables you to book trips on the Internet.


The brand wanted to « add a new rope to it’s bow », and « go up the market by becoming a supermarket that out stands any other, » said Michel Biero, one of the leaders of the group in France, at a press conference Tuesday evening.

Lidl is not the first French distributor to sell start selling trips: Carrefour, Auchan and Leclerc also have a sales activity for vacations and tours that has been open for several years.

Casino and Cora, however, are two similar brands that eventually abandoned this sector, because of the lack of sufficient profitability.

Today, the distributor started their communication around this new service by creating an Instagram account and a Facebook page. They also organized an event with influencers in Paris to present this new offer.


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