PARIS, FRANCE - JANUARY 09:  Armed security patrols around the Eiffel Tower on January 9, 2015 in Paris, France.  A huge manhunt for the two suspected gunmen in Wednesday's deadly terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine has entered its third day.  (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

How terrorists attacks impacting tourism ?

While Paris and Ile-de-France are severely affected by the lack of tourists following the last terrorists attacks, there are still regions that are doing surprisingly well.

Between October and December 2015, in spite of the attacks, we were able to observe a rise of more than 2% in hotel and seaside resident bookings compared to 2014. « Rural tourism also played a major part since foreigners have chosen to visit our countryside. The total of nights spent : more than 3% compared to the previous year ».

Tourists seem to be favouring Bulgaria, Spain and Portugal

France isn’t the only one impacted by this choice. It’s a difficult time for Maghreb and the Middle East too. Tunisia, which has also been hit by terrorists attacks in the past, is already recording 80% fewer reservations for next summer. Same thing for Turkey, with less than 73% reservations. One of the « refuge » destinations of this summer will be Bulgaria. This comes as a surprise with 106% additional reservations.

Also, the country expects twice as many tourists as usual, especially on the banks of the the Black Sea, where prices are similar to Tunisian prices. Furthermore, this year we’ll also find a lot more tourists in Portugal and Spain, and a little later on, tourists will want to travel to Thailand and Cuba, before the latter becomes too much of a huge touristic attraction.


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