Low-cost flights attract more travelers

Before the invention of Low-Cost airlines, travelling by plane was    quite expensive.

While domestic flights’, (within the country) prices remained the same: if you lived in Europe for example, a flight from France to Spain would cost you as much as a flight from France to Morocco.There exist a wide variety of low-cost flights. Needless to say that a customer wishing to travel cheaply has more than enough to chose from. Low-cost flights can be found in each and every continent. The most famous ones are: Southwest Airlines, Ryanair, EasyJet and Air Asia Group.

Their popularity is mainly due to the fact that they’re extremely cheap, but also because of their convenience. These flights will cover the exact same distance as a normal airline but for a lot less money.

Nowadays, when a customer wants to buy a ticket because he/she wants to travel to another country, they have the opportunity to compare their ticket with other companies online. Websites such as Kayak.com, (in France) for example, analyses the price of your current ticket, with the most expensive and cheapest one on other airlines. This is very beneficial for the customer. Travelling costs a lot of money. Perhaps they do not want to spend a lot of it on the plane fare.

Of course, if the individual is travelling a long distance, (between continents), it is important that they chose the most comfortable option; no matter the amount of money they spend!

Low-cost airlines are often used when they are found in great “package deals”. Travel agencies across the world come up with promotions from time to time. During a popular holiday period, for example, instead of going to Greece for 500 euros, individuals will be able to getaway for 200 to 300 euros less, (accommodation included).

However, these types of flights come with flaws as well. Very little money comes with very little comfort. Unlike important international airlines, class separation does not exist: there is no business or first class, everyone is seated the same. Complications can occur on these types of flights more often than others due to insufficient funds. It may be asked of the customers to come earlier than the expected time in order to get a seat due to overbooking. The tickets are not refundable.

Even though they are low-cost, there aren’t many differences with the other airlines. Travelling low-cost is very efficient: it doesn’t take up a lot of your time, tickets can be purchased at the last minute and you’re able to go places for very cheap that you never thought you would be able to go to. This phenomenon has increased a great amount over the past few years especially within Europe. Indeed, students across the continent are making the most out of inexpensive travels while on vacation.


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