Hello ! We are Nina, Julie, Clara, Caroline, and Raphaëlle and we are the “Escape” Agency : the number 1 agency specialized in Communication through travel.

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“Escape” is the name we chose because we think it relates extremely well to the idea of vacation: as in “quick getaway”. What differentiates us from other travel agencies is our concept: we are very present in the digital world and on social media.

The fact that we’re young helps us to build the best relationship possible with our clients where we are able to assist and offer them the best options.


Escape agency guides travel agencies in the implementation of strategies that will help to increase their goal through communication actions.

It is responsible for defining a communication strategy or a plan (determining the target audience, the type of actions to be implemented, techniques and media used, etc.) and implementing it on behalf of the client company.

The activities of our agency generally distinguishes the « media » communication (advertising through the press, the television, the Internet) and the « non-media » communication (direct marketing, creation of events and actions carried directly with the public).

We can also distinguish communication actions that promote the image of the company (or an institution) to its customers or partners. In this case, we talk about corporate communication, and those whose objective is to develop the image of its products or services : in this case, we talk about brand communication.

To sum up, the Escape Agency is a :

Trustful agency : we want to build a strong relationship with our clients

Modern agency : we believe that in the world of today, digital communication is necessary

Professional agency : each member of the group is a professional and has strong skills to provides the best work

Our jobs :
audit, benchmarking & monitoring
communication strategy
accompaniment & advice
campaign management
media plan
concepts and multi-media advertising campaigns
marketing analysis
buying spaces

What is the purpose of the website?

Our website is the window of our agency, it has many purposes. It is entirely dedicated to travel agencies, airlines, tourist offices, etc. who need the inform themselves about the communication and the actuality. It is important for our clients to know us, so we also present our agency to show what we can do, and how we can help them.  We mainly write about travel companies from different angles. We write about actualities, about what is up in the world and what is the impact on the companies. We also give tips and advice about communication !

Who is the target of the website?

Our targets are travel companies, hotels, airlines companies, and tourist offices. The targets are the companies related to travel who need our services for their communication and advertising.

What makes the website different from our competitors?

What differentiates us from other travel agencies is our concept: we are very present in the digital world and on social media. We give a very different and creative point of view for our clients with their communication and visuals. We provide tailored work to our clients.

Why should our target visit our website?

If our target wants a young and futuristic vision of communication, they should visit our website. They will find advice and information related to the universe of the travel. They will also see our work and what we have achieved in the past.

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