Low cost flights for New-York… what will be the consequences ?

Since early 2017, the Norwegian airline put in place low-cost flight for New-York, Los Angeles and Miami from the Parisian airport Roissy-Charles de Gaulle.

Originally known to be expansive flights because of the long distance, the company has decided to change it.

Norwegian airline is advancing its fleet of recent aircraft that would be 15% to 20% less fuel-intensive than those of its competitors.

Consequences : the tourism in New-York will changed a lot. Less luxurious travelers, but more young friends groups, couples, families…

New infrastructures will be developed, and others will fade away. For example, a younger generation is expected : nights clubs and cheap restaurants will be the successful ones.

The hotel industry will need to adapt itself : low-costs rooms, youth hostels…

This economic change will be a new breath for a huge city like New-York that welcome millions of tourists every year.



AirBnB taking over the hotel world

AirBnB is an online platform where people across the world can offer their homes for a certain time to holiday-goers that are looking for an affordable place to stay. Therefore, it is extremely practical and popular. However, the hotel industry is decreasing dramatically due to this new way of travel.

AirBnB appears to be more attractive to the customer’s eye because it offers a place to stay that feels like home. Indeed, instead of staying in a cold, depressing hotel room, you are able to live in a welcoming and cosy apartment, occasionally even a house. Some hotel rooms cost as much as renting a place to stay, that is much bigger.

Ever since it’s appearance, 115 million travellers have stayed in 3 million AirBnB residences in more than 191 countries.


Its popularity is mainly due to the young tourist group, (between 18 and 30 years of age). Many decide to travel around this age period and therefore, are often not able to afford a hotel. It is a great way to travel and they are able to share the location with their friends or other people who are in a similar economic situation. This phenomenon resembles a lot like the concept of a hostel.

Hotels tend to always be located in the centre of the city and are often full. AirBnB suggests homes wherever you want. This then enables you to live wherever is most convenient.

When renting a home with AirBnB, some amenities are included in the price: wifi, washing machine, etc.  On the other hand, when you’re a customer in a hotel, in order to be able to get luxuries like free breakfast, for example, you need to pay extra.

Check-ins and checkouts in hotels are always at extremely strict hours forcing you to meticulously follow the schedule. However, when staying with AirBnB, the time you and the time you leave are open for negotiation with your guest. Depending on the individual, they are more than likely to agree with you, whatsoever.

Furthermore, staying in the same AirBnB as your host can help you meet new people as well as immerse yourself in the culture.

AirBnB was created in 2008 and its attractiveness has never ceased to grow. In 2015, hotels saw their occupancy drop drastically. Furthermore, they have even more of a reason to worry due to the fact that the alternative lodging business is now targeting business travellers: the basic hotel client.


Low-cost flights attract more travelers

 Before the invention of Low-Cost airlines, travelling by plane was    quite expensive. While domestic flights’, (within the country) prices remained the same: if you lived in Europe for example, a flight from France to Spain would cost you as much as a flight from France to Morocco.There exist a wide variety of low-cost flights. Needless to say that a customer wishing to travel cheaply has more than enough to chose from. Low-cost flights can be found in each and every continent. The most famous ones are: Southwest Airlines, Ryanair, EasyJet and Air Asia Group.

Their popularity is mainly due to the fact that they’re extremely cheap, but also because of their convenience. These flights will cover the exact same distance as a normal airline but for a lot less money.

Nowadays, when a customer wants to buy a ticket because he/she wants to travel to another country, they have the opportunity to compare their ticket with other companies online. Websites such as Kayak.com, (in France) for example, analyses the price of your current ticket, with the most expensive and cheapest one on other airlines. This is very beneficial for the customer. Travelling costs a lot of money. Perhaps they do not want to spend a lot of it on the plane fare.

Of course, if the individual is travelling a long distance, (between continents), it is important that they chose the most comfortable option; no matter the amount of money they spend!

Low-cost airlines are often used when they are found in great “package deals”. Travel agencies across the world come up with promotions from time to time. During a popular holiday period, for example, instead of going to Greece for 500 euros, individuals will be able to getaway for 200 to 300 euros less, (accommodation included).

However, these types of flights come with flaws as well. Very little money comes with very little comfort. Unlike important international airlines, class separation does not exist: there is no business or first class, everyone is seated the same. Complications can occur on these types of flights more often than others due to insufficient funds. It may be asked of the customers to come earlier than the expected time in order to get a seat due to overbooking. The tickets are not refundable.

Even though they are low-cost, there aren’t many differences with the other airlines. Travelling low-cost is very efficient: it doesn’t take up a lot of your time, tickets can be purchased at the last minute and you’re able to go places for very cheap that you never thought you would be able to go to. This phenomenon has increased a great amount over the past few years especially within Europe. Indeed, students across the continent are making the most out of inexpensive travels while on vacation.


Travel agencies

[justify] Travel agencies are constantly evolving to adapt to a market undergoing many changes, but above all on which competition is constantly increasing.[/justify]

One of the best-known techniques of travel agencies is the proposal of packages to the guests: Half board, Full board, only breakfast included …. The agency may choose to market its products on a real or virtual place of sale. This technique has many positive points since the agency no longer must manage the collection of the service, nor confirmation of sale etc…

But agencies have many other techniques to push for the purchase, for example the promotion of certain destinations, destocking … This contributes to the communication of the agency and allows a real incentive to purchase. In addition, like many other areas, the internet is increasingly used to send offers or catalogue with great cost reduction. Their products will be marketed on their website, since today the website is one of the most effective means of communication. But despite this, the agencies must not neglect their windows, which are an important means of communication.

We find that all agencies offer their products in the same way, have very similar offers, so they must differentiate themselves from each other. This differentiation can be done by original offers, high-end, customized … but also by the welcome and the service reserved to customers. An important point for an agency is the development of contacts with hotels, restaurants, wellness centers, airlines … who participate in the realization of the packages and make it possible to offer an attractive offer to customers.

It is important today for an agency to stand out because customers are looking for more and more bargains and under the rise of competition they are less and less faithful. Travel agencies must not forget to retain their customers … this is an essential point now.


When a travel agency laughs at virtual reality

Surfing the waves off Bali, toasting at the Oktoberfest in Munich, learning yoga in Phuket … in this campaign signed by TBWA Raad, everything is possible without moving from its living room, thanks to a virtual reality mask. And judging by the enthusiasm of the users, the simulation seems convincing.

Virtual reality: a technology that now, few people have tried, and yet is all conversations. The travel company Dnata Travel, supported by the TBWA \ RAAD agency, does not share the same enthusiasm. His campaign mixing video and print demonstrates the ridiculousness of the trend, and recalls with humour and self-derision to his audience that a virtual trip will never replace a real trip.

At a time when brands are shrinking from profiting from virtual reality – with examples sometimes successful, such as that of Audi offers customers to create their circuit. Dnata Travel is a counterpart to highlight its service. The journey here is shown as a visual experience, but also sensory, experiential and convivial. The simplicity of the hook of the campaign makes the message even more explicit: « The journey for real. It’s better. « 

What’s better for a travel agency than conveying a humorous image by insisting on the happiness of traveling and feeling all the sensations for real while surfing on the current technological trends that make the buzz?


Eurostar SNAP

For more than a year, Eurostar has launched a new « SNAP » offer.

The principe? The traveller connects to the online service, chooses his destination and travel date, indicating his preference for a departure in the morning or afternoon. Two days before departure, Eurostar sends its schedules. Prices are therefore considerably reduced.

To advertise this new service, social networks were favored by the brand. Indeed it is mainly on Facebook that the campaign was launched as well as on Instagram. To promote it have also made collaborations with Youtubers to put forward.

But very little communication has been made around it. If you go on their website you will not find this offer at any time unless you already know it. It is never offered.

So despite the fact that the offer is very interesting they do very little advertising. It could attract many people and a new clientele who would not have the means to afford a classic ticket but it seems to be reserved for those who already know it. Maybe because the offer has appeared on their Facebook account, or maybe just by word-of-mouth.

Is this the will of EUROSTAR not to put too much before this service or only for certain users and at certain times of the year?

We don’t know, but we think is not a very good communication.


The launch of Lidl Travel on Trade

The distributor Lidl France is expanding its activities to the tourism sector, launching a platform for booking trips on the Internet.


The brand wanted to « add a new rope to its bow », and « go upmarket and become a supermarket like any other, » said Michel Biero, one of the leaders of the group in France at a press conference Tuesday evening.

Lidl is not the first French distributor to sell trips: Carrefour, Auchan and Leclerc also have a sales activity for stays and tours for several years.

Casino and Cora, however, eventually abandoned this sector, because of lack of sufficient profitability.

At the moment the distributor started to make communication around this new service by creating an account Instagram and Facebook. He also organized an event with influencers in Paris to present this new offer.


The consequences of the Irma Hurricane in the Carribeans

Saint-Barthelemy and Saint-Martin are two paradisiac French islands of the Caribbeans where millions of tourists spend their vacations every year. There, most of the population live thanks to the tourism (shops, restaurants, hotels…). Since the Irma Hurricane, the damages are incredible : 95% of the Saint-Martin island has been destroyed.
Irma Hurricane in Saint-Bart
Irma Hurricane in Saint-Bart
In addition to no longer possessing anything left, the inhabitants have no more infrastructures to bring tourists back, and thus to rebound economically.
For Gilbert Cisneros, president of the tour operator Exotismes, a specialized in tropical destinations, the scale of the disaster places the two islands in an unprecedented situation.
The Caribbeans always had an excellent reputation concerning vacation destination. Thanks to the unique landscapes, these islands focus on luxury. But those kind of climate disasters will frighten tourists who will not hesitate to change the holiday destinations at the time when these islands would need them the most.

Club Med is no longer the leader of holiday agencies in France

From the 50’s to the 90’s, Club Med was the leader and pioneer of all-inclusive holidays. Creating both warm and cheerful atmosphere, they suggested a lot of animations, outdoor sports, a generous treating yourself lunch and luxurious swimming pools. The whole package was a revolution for travelers from around the world.


But then, with the rise of consumerism and concurrence, Club Med got weaker. Their challengers: Marmara, Tom Cook, Lookea. They proposed the same services for a lower price.

With the economic crises in 2008, Club Med definitely lost his leading place and was forestalled by the other agencies. The gap is moreover huge today, Club Med is seen as a giving expensive and premium services, when tourists are more eager to discover other countries with an immersive experience as couch surfing, or AirBnB.